Toy  Poodle  Colors
Solid Colors
Silver pup
Silver adult
Cafe Au Lait
Parti Colors
Black & white Parti
Brown & white Parti
(Chocolate parti)
Brindle & white Parti
Brindle & white Parti
Silver & white Parti (Puppy)
Silver & white Parti (Adult)
Tri Color Parti
(parti with phantom markings)
Apricot & white Parti
Black & tan phantom
Brown (chocolate) & tan phantom
Brown (chocolate) & tan phantom
Black & tan phantom
Brindle Puppy (brown with black tipping. Usually turns apricot with black on ears)

Brindle Adult

This page shows some examples of the various colors that toy poodles come in. We don't have pictures of all the colors yet, but we will update as soon as new photos become available.
Parti Color originally meant any dog having 2 or more colors. Now, most breeders define the parti color as a dog that is basically white with markings or spots of any color. Partis are fun because you never know how they will be marked. The White color should be nice and clear if possible.  Some partis develope tiny spots on their feet or body as adults. A bit of spotting is ok, but there should never be any ticking in the white. The ticking gene is a totally seperate gene that makes the coat look dirty or muddy. It is a very dominant gene and dogs that are ticked should not be used to breed partis because it destroys the beautiful parti coloration.
Phantom is another name for the coloration that is black, brown or silver with tan, cream, apricot, red, white or silver markings above the eyes on the side of the cheeks, across the chest, down the legs and under the tail. Many people refer to these as doberman markings. Phantoms are color linked to brindles. That is why many brindles throw phantoms and phantoms throw brindles. What we call a brindle in poodles is the same coloration as a sable in other breeds. It is usually a brown or red color with black tippings that usually fades with age. Some brindles do hold their color and stay dark but it is very unusual to see this.
A mismark, or tuxedo as some breeders call them, are any color poodle with a white chest, feet, chin, neck and /or tip of tail. Some have so much white that they almost resemble a parti. Many people including some breeders confuse mismarks with partis. It is a totally seperate gene from the parti colored gene, though. Some mismarks also carry the parti gene and will throw partis but many don't. This is considered a disqualification. Dogs that are mismarked, while cute for pets, can not be shown.
A black mismark
(or tuxedo)
Poodles come in several accepted solid colors which are pictured below. They also come in several other colors including gray, blue and silver beige which I do not have pictures of.
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