Teacup  Information
Teacup size: Since teacup is just a name given by breeders to describe an extra small dog, there is no universal standard. Each breeder has their own definition of what size a teacup should be! Most breeders agree that a teacup should be 4 pounds and under, with some saying 5 pounds and under. But since poodles are measured by height and not weight, this should also be a factor. Most breeders also agree that a teacup should be under 8 inches. This is because,  even though a poodle should be built square, some poodles are built tall and thin and might only weigh 4 pounds, but can be 10 or 11 inches tall. Some are built short and fat and might only be 8 inches tall, but could weigh as much as 7 or 8 pounds. We believe a true teacup to be 2 to 4 pounds full grown and under 8 inches tall.
Health: Many people have the mistaken idea that teacups are not healthy. While it is true that some teacups can have health problems, if  a teacup is bred from a healthy line, and bred from a line that is specifically bred to be small, then they can be just as healthy as any other size dog. Sometimes a puppy will be born extra small out of a litter of regular or miniature size poodles that have all regular or large dogs behind them, and the breeder will call this a teacup. But the real reason that the pup is tiny, is because they have something wrong with them that keeps them from growing to normal size. This pup might be sickly, or will have numerous health problems, or might even seem to be healthy, but only lives for a short time or a few years. This is not a true teacup!  This is just an unhealthy pup! This is where many people mistakenly get the idea from, that teacups are not healthy.That is why it is so important to purchase a teacup from an experienced breeder that has the knowledge to know the difference.
Care:  Teacups are not suitable for everyones lifestyle. I get several e-mails a day from people looking for teacups. Many people get toys and teacups confused. Most people think that they want a teacup, when all they are really looking for is a nice tiny toy! A small toy is still tiny enough to rest in the smallest lap, fit in the new papoose backpacks or reside in a condo or apartment. They do not realize the extra care that a very tiny teacup requires. Most true little teacups cannot jump on a couch or bed or climb stairs. If they are put on a bed or couch, they must be watched constantly so that they do not fall off, as they can break a leg or be seriously or fatally injured. Plus, as puppies, because of their small size, they cannot have the run of the whole house and must be confined in a small playpen etc. They are also not suitable for households with small children or even larger dogs, as they can be easily hurt, dropped, or stepped on. Also, some (but not all) teacups are prone to *Hypoglycemia. (*Which is low blood sugar). When a dog uses up all his stored source of energy (food) and it isn't replaced, then low blood sugar results. So if you decide to get a teacup, make sure you know the warning signs! To prevent this, tiny pups should have small frequent meals and plenty of time to rest.
Pricing: A common question is how much are teacups? And why are teacups so expensive? Usually, the tinier the teacup, the more money that they cost.The reason that breeders charge so much for teacups, is that true teacups are very hard to get! It is rare to even get one in a litter, or sometimes only one out of 2 or 3 litters. So beware of breeders that advertise whole litters of teacups! Also, most breeders put a lot of TLC in raising these tinies 24/7. How much is your time worth?? Teacups also require extra care, and most can't go to a new home until they are at least 12 weeks old. And, in the case of extremely tiny teacups,(those under one pound at 8 weeks or older), sometimes these are not ready to go until they are more around 4 mos of age. So be very leary of people selling "teacups" out the door at 6 to 8 weeks old!
All information here refers
to Teacups. BEWARE many
breeders sell
Tiny or regular sized Toys as Teacups!!!
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